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love vs. sex / advancement of society

i'm so upset right now after touching base to ask what progress has been made among baha'is regarding homosexuality.  a decade ago, i joined the baha'i faith, never even bringing up that i had chosen another woman as my life partner.  i never thought to ask bahais with their pride in feeling all are equal would kick me out if i was gay.  wow. 

i wouldn't have a problem with celibacy, but  the sad thing is gays aren't asking for the right to have sex, they are asking for the right to love and the acknowledgement that our love is valid and worthy.  what is the current status of gay bahais having sex in netherlands after they marry?  if it's the fact we are not married by our government that makes gay sex wrong, what about the fact my union was blessed by a christian minister. 
when i go through the laws of the old testament, i knew it was spoken in a way that the people of that time could understand.   thank God we don't practice all of them in the u.s. or other civilized societies anymore.  baha'ullah felt that the prophets helped the people of that time according to their ability to understand.  that is one reason i'm surprised they consider this is "written in stone".  since baha'ullah has been here, what about the other prophets? 

i'm referring to the woman who penned the Course In Miracles, Neale Douglas Walsch and for all we know, Matisyahu and Martin Luther King are modern day prophets.   who decides for baha'is when other prophets have brought a new message from God.

also, was baha'ullah God or a prophet of God?  and were all those who transcribed his words writing with the pens of their times or computers?  and does that matter?  yes, it does.  a prophet is not God and doesn't have the ability to say in 2007, science will show there is a genetic reason people drink or drug.  there are genes that show why someone chooses a partner of the same gender or opposite gender.

i think it's CRUCIAL that we begin referring to our relationships in terms of "gender preference" rather than "sex preference".   gays know that same sex love is about love  not sex, but straights who are against us...latch on to the sex part of same sex.  that's the first step in getting the focus off sex and onto love.

i also think that bahai's defending baha'ullah's sentence or two on homosexuality remember to make drugging and drinking a separate thing  than loving a partner who is of the same gender.  i was told by a baha'i today that baha'ullah knew about genes because he was speaking for God.  if that was true, why didn't God tell him how to build a microscope to diagnose malaria?  or knowledge of pasteurization and  and cat scans or medications for brain disorders?  you can't say you're pro-technology and quote baha'ullah speaking to a people who knew nothing about genetics or cures or misfiring neurons.  he was too busy trying to get rid of slaves and the ownership of wives. 

Lord help us all.

thanks for listening.  please respond.  i'm trying so hard to grasp this from another angle than my own.
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