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Affinity groups

Since we've all been talking about our therapists...

Mine suggested the other day that I look into GLBT faith groups (such as GLBT Muslim, Orthodeox Jew, or Mormon groups) in the absence of a visible and accessible gay Baha'i group. I was just wondering what you all think of the idea, and if you have had any contact with such groups. I have always had a hard time finding people who could relate to my situation. My liberal friends understood and accepted the gay thing, but didn't understand why I couldn't "re-interpret" my religious teachings. My Baha'i friends....well I imagine they would try to equate gay celibacy with straight pre-marital chastity. Though I don't know any active Muslims who are gay, I have been able to relate to some of my Muslim friends as far as discrepancies between personal life/identity and religious laws/identity are concerned.

Anyway, give me your thoughts on GLBT faith groups...since we don't have any formal Baha'i group.

Your humble mod.
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