mount st. helens (mt_st_helens) wrote in gay_bahai,
mount st. helens

A reminder about the community's purpose

In light of recent spam, I just wanted to post a brief reminder of what we are about here. This community is meant to be a place for GLBT Baha'is and their alllies (both Baha'i and not Baha'i) to come to discuss the challenges of negotiating queer and Baha'i identities. While members of this community may be questioning the role of the Baha'i Faith in their lives, posts that encourage criticism of the administrative order and promote unsubstantiated information are OFF TOPIC. This community is meant to create a sense of community where we can all feel welcome - not a place where Baha'is must defend their adherence to Baha'i teachings.

I have, and will continue to, delete posts or ban members who abuse this purpose. Such anti-establishments posts are a distraction from the real purpose of this community, which is to provide support and understanding for one another.

I have added a sentence to this effect in the community profile. I have also added an email address and AIM screenname where I can be contacted with questions.

Please let me know if you guys have anything you want to add to this.

Your mod.
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