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gay_bahai's Journal

GLBT Baha'is and their allies
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This is a community for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Baha'is and their allies. There is a lack of solidarity and visibility for queer Baha'is, so this is a place to meet, relate, and discuss. This is a place to discuss how we as queer people fit into, or out of, the Faith, and how the Faith impacts our lives as queer people. It is a safe place to be out among other Baha'is (current or former) and to discuss the complexities of our (often double) lives.

This is NOT a place to argue about the validity or authenticity of the Baha'i administrative order. Such discussion is off-topic and divisive.

- Respect, respect, respect
- Show tolerance of differing views. No one is here to judge. This includes respecting members decisions to stay in or leave the Faith.
- Any gay-bashing or bashing of the Baha'i institutions that could be construed as covenant breaking will not be tolerated. The moderator reserves the right to delete posts and ban members, should it become necessary.

Additional resources
Baha'i Writings on Homosexuality

Disclaimer: The views represented by the moderator and/or members of the community do not necessarily reflect the views and/or teachings of the Baha'i Faith. Fore official information about the Baha'i Faith, visit www.bahai.org.

This is a new community, so your input is greatly appreciated.

Your moderator
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